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Trong quá trình thiết kế khuôn đúc phải chú ý những điều gì?

Thời gian: 2020-06-18 Lượt truy cập: 32

Những người trong ngành thường biết rằng đúc khuôn là khuôn đúc một mảnh, và đảm bảo cơ bản của khuôn đúc hợp kim kẽm là tạo kế hoạch tốt cho khuôn đúc khuôn. Vậy những điều cần chú ý trong quá trình lập kế hoạch đúc khuôn đúc là gì? Cùng tòa soạn xem qua nhé!


First, pay attention to the strength of the die-casting mold


The strength of the die-casting mold is often easily overlooked, but if the strength of the die-casting mold is not enough, it will lead to premature cracking results of the mold with poor rigidity under continuous impact and compression, so it must be Must pay attention to its strength, so as not to cause unnecessary losses!


Second. The gate in the die-casting mold should be as low as possible


The gate in the die-casting mold is generally 30-70 meters per second. The faster the gate in the die-casting mold, the greater the impact on the mold cavity, resulting in a greater instantaneous temperature rise in the mold cavity, which eventually causes the mold to appear cracked. Or the phenomenon of cracking occurs, so under the condition of ensuring product quality, try to be as low as possible, so as to reduce the impact on the mold and ensure the perfectness of the mold exterior.


Third, the strength of the locking block of the die casting mold slider should meet


At present, in order to save data when many die-casting mold companies plan molds, the mold planning is too small, which results in insufficient locking blocks and insufficient strength, and finally the slider cannot be locked. Failure to lock the slider will not only affect the quality of the casting, but also lead to aluminum channeling and blockage of the slider. Eventually, the locking part will deform or crack, which will easily damage the mold and reduce the service life of the die-casting mold.


Fourth. The aluminum surface of the cavity of the die-casting mold must meet


If there are too few aluminum sealing surfaces, mold channeling will be formed, and if the mold is not sorted and pressed in time, it is easy to cause mold damage. Therefore, the aluminum sealing surface of the die casting mold cavity must be planned to meet.


Fifth. Reasonable planning of mold cooling (heating) and mold temperature field


The cooling (heating) planning of the die-casting mold and the temperature field of the mold should be rationally planned, not only to improve the die-casting cycle, but also to improve the quality of the die-casting parts and ensure the service life of the die-casting mold. Therefore, it is necessary to properly plan the mold cooling (heating) and mold temperature field.


Sixth, the vulnerable parts need to be inlaid;


Vulnerable parts need to be assembled, which not only facilitates maintenance and replacement, but also prevents the extension of cracks and extends the service life of the mold.


Seventh. Die casting mold planning to reduce sharp corners of stress gathering


Reducing the sharp corners of stress concentration can improve the production quality of die castings and extend the service life of die casting molds together.


The above seven points are the matters that need to be paid attention to in the die casting mold planning process. Planning the die casting mold not only can extend the service life of the die casting mold, but also promote the production efficiency of the zinc alloy die castings, and can also ensure the quality of the zinc alloy die castings. Security.