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Cadmiae-mittentem aera products stagnum commoda mori

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I. In essentia mori casting

  The essence of die casting is that under the action of high pressure, the liquid alloy is filled into the die casting cavity at a very high speed through the movement of the injection punch, and then crystallized and solidified under pressure to obtain the casting.

  Due to the use of metal molds, die castings have high dimensional accuracy, smooth surfaces, clear contours, and excellent surface quality. And the inherent quality of compact structure, high strength and high hardness. Die casting is suitable for manufacturing non-ferrous metal castings with complex shapes, thin walls and large numbers. It is an advanced precision part forming technology with high education.


  1. Catonis, mori habet mittentes

  Zinc alloy is a versatile, reliable, low-cost material, easy to die-cast production. Zinc alloy has good die-casting performance, so it is easier to die-cast products with complex shapes, thin walls and high dimensional accuracy. The thin-wall casting performance can achieve the requirements of product weight reduction and cost reduction.


  2. mechanica proprietates et eorum bonum perficientur dispensando

  Compared with aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy, zinc alloy has higher tensile strength, yield strength, impact toughness and hardness, and better elongation. The surface of zinc alloy die-casting parts is very smooth, which can be directly used for poor treatment, and it is easier to make various surface treatments. Polishing, electroplating, spraying, painting, etc. to get better surface quality.


3. efficiens productionem

Casting apparatus usura calidum aethereum thalamum mori productio, productio efficientiam princeps. Quod temperatus non minus quam de CDXX conflatilemcasting in alea. A possit producere formas par centum milia products. Jacente ferro, et progressus facere apparatus determinatura plene automated humilitatem productionem productio sumptus.


II. Cadmiae offensionibus application

Cadmiae, fusura offensionibus optimum fuerit ex productorum summa qualitas. They are currently late usus est in armorum officinis nugas, GUSTATORIUM, et seras, hardware ornamentum, electrica et electronic castings, balneo cum vasis suis tabernam autocineticam partium, zippers, metallum fibulas aeneas, vide casibus, Fons, quotidie necessitatibus, familia adjumenta, camera apparatu, audio, electromechanical products et aliis partibus.

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