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Hogyan válasszunk kiváló minőségű cinkötvözet présöntő gyárat?

Idő: 2020-06-01 Találatok: 18

The production level of zinc alloy die-casting plants is inconsistent, and there are unevenness in the industry. How to choose the zinc alloy die-casting plant correctly so as not to go wrong? Next, let's understand the 5 key points to correctly judge the high-quality die casting factory.


1. Have rich experience in die casting 

Extensive die-casting experience can ensure that targeted solutions can be solved when encountering difficult problems in the production process. The more experience accumulated, the more prevention and resolution measures can be taken to ensure the production quality of die-casting.


2. Good product quality 

The product quality is the quality assurance of the zinc alloy die-casting factory. The good product quality is guaranteed, and the higher the word of mouth response.


3. Industry reputation

The reputation of a die-casting plant in the industry is good, indicating that the quality of all aspects must be guaranteed.


4. Integritás 

Honesty is the guarantee of the transaction and the cornerstone of the development of the die-casting factory. No one can be trusted and there is no basis for integrity. Then there is no room for development in this industry. Only manufacturers with integrity have room for development.


5. Large factory scale

 A small die-casting factory has limited production staff and limited machinery and equipment, so the production capacity will also be limited. There are a large number of die-casting factory production personnel, with clear positions, complete equipment, and can match die-casting production to achieve fast shipment effect.

The above are the five main points for distinguishing high-quality zinc alloy die-casting plants. Based on the above points, you can judge the strength of a die-casting plant and whether you can choose cooperation. Hoshimoto has been focusing on non-standard zinc alloy die casting, cold heading cutting, CNC numerical control processing, and copper row processed products for 51 years. More than 400 production personnel around the world are responsible for their duties and are committed to creating high-quality products. Cooperation with you!

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