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Wòl nan kadna pòt kabinè elektrik pa ka inyore

Tan: 2020-06-05 Hits: 21

Nan jaden endistriyèl la, wòl nan kadna pòt kabinè elektrik pa ka inyore. Ou ka pa trè abitye avèk li. Anba a nou pral prezante avantaj aplikasyon yo nan kadna pòt kabinè elektrik.

  I.Enhance security

  The electric cabinet door lock is environment-friendly, compact in design and flexible in function. Users who use electric cabinet door locks change batteries less frequently, which is friendly to nature, which means that it takes less time to replace the batteries installed on the locks. The programming of the electric cabinet door lock is controlled by the master password, no expensive keys are lost or damaged. Electric cabinet door locks are compact in design and widely used.


  II.Fasil yo sèvi ak 

  The programming of the digital cabinet lock is controlled by the master password, and the expensive keys will not be lost or damaged. The lock can be installed with left or right hand. The cabinet lock can be installed on the surface or semi-recessed. The knob on the door lock of the electric cabinet has the functions of anti-theft/anti-torque.


  III.Fasil yo enstale

  Electric cabinet door lock can be installed with left and right hand, surface installation or semi-recessed installation. It is very suitable for storage cabinets, medical vehicles, data shelves, cabinets, safes, etc.

The above is the application advantage of electric cabinet door lock, do you all know it? Hoshimoto Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and sales of electric cabinet door locks. If you need to order electric cabinet door locks, you can contact us directly.