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Дызайн і працэс ліцця пад ціскам з ліцця пад ціскам з сплаву цынку

Час: 2020-12-17 Праглядаў: 203

Геаметрычны дызайн для кантролю якасці паверхні адлівак з пласты цынку


In the design of zinc alloy casting geometry, as far as possible to avoid blind hole depth concave and other structures, therefore, in the design part, does not affect the appearance and use of the part, drainage process hole convenient solution, gas. In this way, the plating solution can be effectively plated and the pollution degree can be reduced.


Дызайн і працэс ліцця пад ціскам з ліцця пад ціскам з сплаву цынку


The surface of zinc alloy die casting is dense layer with thickness of about 0.1 mm, and the inner part is porous structure. In the process of die design and die casting, the surface of workpiece should be smooth as far as possible, and the casting defects such as cracks, blowholes, cold gaps, burr and burr should be reduced.


Therefore, it is necessary to carry out mechanical cleaning. At this time, the surface of the dense layer should be avoided, so as to avoid exposing the porous matrix, causing difficulties in electroplating and affecting the quality of electroplating. Release agent is often used in zinc alloy die casting. Attention should be paid to the use of release agent and demoulding.


Material selection of zinc alloy die castings


The commonly used zinc alloy materials are: 2znal43, 2znal41, 2znal40.5, 2znal4, the most commonly used brands of znal925 and znal903, but znal903 is better than znal925.


In addition, a part of the return material is often used in die casting, the proportion should be controlled at 15%, preferably no more than 20%. Because it is easy to be doped with other components (such as silicon), the adhesion of the coating is affected. For the castings with more feedback, it is better to use hydrofluoric acid for activation treatment during electroplating.


Blank inspection of zinc alloy die castings before electroplating


(1) Appearance: check whether there are cracks, bulges, scratches, holes and other serious defects on the surface of the blank. To determine the extent of these defects, if they can be removed by mechanical means (polishing, polishing, etc.), the grinding process can be increased.


(2) Material inspection: check the grade of zinc alloy, understand the proportion of returned materials, check the quality of die casting parts, put the workpiece in the oven at 100 ~ 110 for 30min, and check whether the surface is protruding.