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1-я спартыўная сустрэча супрацоўнікаў Hoshimoto

Час: 2019-10-21 Праглядаў: 268

A few days ago, Hoshimoto Company successfully held the first employee sports meeting, which vividly demonstrated the spirit of collectivism, solidarity and hard work, and positive sports. It injected new vitality into the company's home culture and effectively improved the cohesion, centripetal force and employees of the company. Teamwork. At this Games, the company organized and mobilized various interest groups, carefully planned and effectively promoted, and more than 100 employees from various departments and departments actively participated.

The games have various forms. During the competition, the employees uniformly wear the clothes printed with the "hoshimoto" logo. With a passionate mental state and a positive and brisk style, they fully demonstrate the importance of participation, never giving up, The never-depressed hard work and team spirit have not only learned skills, but also enhanced exchanges and strengthened friendship in the fierce competition.