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AB-102 ~ 103



Sink ərintisi (ZDC)


Peyk xromue plating / chrome plating

Xüsusi istifadə:

elektrik qutusu, paylayıcı qutu, müxtəlif şkaf


Açar No / H200

  • Xüsusiyyət
  • Model və qeydlər
  • Rəsm və Quraşdırma Ölçüləri

1.Botton implanted handle (PAT.P) of push-up type is; Its pop - up angle is large and the handles' length is long, so it is easy to hold and control.

 (1)The handle does not suddenly pop-up because of an accidental touch.

 (2)When it is affixed to the main body close with other parts, it is easy to handles and does not hinder the other operations.

2.The waterproof performance os great in or part of its rear birm.(PAT.P)

3.The plating is applied liberrally so it works very well to protect it form becoming rusted or corroded. and it also looks superior.

4.It can be used in both ways for right and left-handed people. (For changing from right-handed or vice versa, just reverse the fastening nut and the control board.)

5.It is designed as button-built in style and looks very sophisticated.(PAT.P)

Məhsul nömrəsiQeydÇəki (g)Çox
AB-102-1-1Xrom örtüklü/açarlı56935
AB-102-1-2xrom plating/without key60135
AB-103-1-1Xrom örtüklü/açarlı41635
AB-103-1-2xrom plating/without key44035
AB-102-2-1Satellite chrome plating/with key56935
Peyk xrom örtüklü/açarsız60135
AB-103-2-1Satellite chrome plating/with key41635
AB-103-2-2Peyk xrom örtüklü/açarsız44035